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Tel 0208-510-0485
Mob 07931-909-270

Banish Misfortune are a band of excellent musicians and singers, specialising in ceilidhs and Celtic music and song. Bringing a marvellous atmosphere to any party or gathering, they are available for lyrical folk music, a lively ceilidh, or a kicking session or gig. The band is based in North London.



Banish Misfortune was started in 2006 by friends who had played together for several years in various musical combinations. Featuring a mixture of guitar, bass, fiddle, whistle, mandolin, piano and sometimes drums, the band has a core membership and some very talented side musicians. 
For a ceilidh, they provide a knowledgeable and inspiring caller, the key to a good evening’s dancing.

Banish Misfortune perform Celtic songs and tunes in styles ranging from a delicate melody to a storming sound, with excellent singers and trained top line players. They are the ideal band to play in a variety of settings: dance hall, garden, living room and ballroom.

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